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IMPORTANT NOTE- By Using our service for food license we use our credentials or apply food license in our portal. If in Future any client wants to discontinue relation then client need to apply new license as we cannot share details of other clients. Privacy is our strength.

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FSSAI Licenses Or FSSAI Registration



Food is the basic need of people. Balanced food is one which is an adequate quantity of all essential nutrients, proteins minerals in it. The proper diet led to the natural growth of people. If food is of good nutritional value, then it can lead to many diseases. Every person requires a different amount of food it basically depends upon their physical standards, age, sex, etc.

Since food is a basic need of life it should be safe and free from all kinds of diseases. India is a large country with most of the population depends upon agriculture land to get food. it is believed that the early food which was produced about a thousand years age was free from any fertilizers, chemical effects in India. Now the situation is changed there has been a tremendous use of chemicals in the agricultural land our quantity of food like wheat rice maize etc has increased but the quality is decreasing day by day. In order to make the food we eat in India safely and of standard vale government of India has established the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India in August 2011. The main aim of the Fssai License was to look and fix the standards of foods in India. It is responsible for protecting public health and regulating and promoting food security in India. It works under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India.

The first and for most thing to run any kind of food business in India is FSSAI licenses. It is necessary to get FSSAI Registration if they think of starting their factory of making any type of food item. Fssai issues three types of licenses. The licenses are provided after keen observation of the samples of food items, overall turn over of business produced from the factory or organization. The licenses assure people who purchase food items that the food item they purchase is of standard quality, free from adulteration, free from substandard material. It gives the power to customers the power to the complaint for any food product according to Food Standards Safety Act.  The standards according to which the licenses are issued are developed under the latest happenings in food science. The three types of a license issued by FSSAI Registration according to overall turnover are as-: 


For basic FSSAI Registration from FSSAI:

this is the basic FSSAI Registration facility provided by FSSAI and is applicable for small food organization the turnover of an organisation should be about 12 lakhs. This includes small restaurants, cafés, new food start-ups, etc.


State licenses of FSSAI LICENSE:

this FSSAI license is for food companies that have overall turnover annually is from 12 lakhs to 20 Crore. This can include small medium-sized food businesses to large food companies that have large food business fields.


Central FSSAI licenses of FSSAI:

this FSSAI license is issued to food organization should be above 20 Crore. The central license food organization re well established and have their big customer be and food making units in the country. They are big food giants.          




    Food Safety and standards authority of India is the one of the autonomous body of the government of India which looks after the food security of India. It works under the Ministry of Family and Health welfare. It is necessary for food organisations to obtain a license before establishing their business in India. Food licenses are necessary for all type of food business in India even for a local vendor.


     There are certain steps involved in online registration on our website to obtain a Food license for the food business.


    Step 1:
    you have to check your eligibility before applying for Food License. You can check it on FSSAI main  


    Step 2:

    when you have checked your eligibility on the website. Please click on the signup page. While reaching on this page a form will appear on your screen.


    Step 3:
    Now you have to fill your all details in the form that is your address, phone number, mail id. Remember that you to keeping in mind that the mail ID you have entered in the form is active and is in regular use.


    Step 4:

    After entering your mail ID you have to enter a user name in the form. The user name should be such that you will remember it easily and is not already registered on the site. If you have seen that the user name is already registered which the site will give you message there. Then choose a different one.


    Step 5:

    When you have completed all the details necessary for filling the form. You have to click on the register FSSAI button. Once you click on this button you details will be saved and you will receive a message on your email Id. You will also receive a SMS on your registered mobile number which you have entered in the form.


    Step 5:
    Now you have to verify your account. You will receive message on your email Id and also on your mobile number. You have to click on your email Id and then click on the link provided there to verify. Once you verify your account there. A message will be sent to you that your account has been successfully created.



    Now you are the online account holder of FSSAI LICENSE. Remember to take a print out of your FSSAI registration form before you submit it. After click on submit tab page remember the reference number for future use. The reference number is important because of it you can know the progress of your Food License Registration any tie anywhere and also for the process of your Food License.

    The online registration is the best facility provided by FSSAI because you can register at anywhere 24/7 at any time. But one thing you should keep in mind registering online that does not leave the application tab incomplete at one time. Rest it is best for all type of applicants. It is the first step of FSSAI registration for the license so be careful while filling the application process.