How to change mobile number in GST

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How to change or update the registered mobile number on GST portal


The tax calculations in the Indian economy have been a serious concern since independence, and there have been a lot of reforms tried by different governments. Various taxes added to the system over a period have made the tax calculation much complicated, and therefore a need for simple tax was the demand of time. Various sectors have struggled a lot due to the tax system, and finally, the government took a revolutionary step in the form of simple taxation as GST.

The mobile number registered on the GST portal is very important for the registered person or business as all the notifications with respect to the GST will be sent to the mobile number. It is obvious for people to change their mobile numbers.

If they change their mobile number after GST registration, they should make it a point to update their new number on the GST portal so that they do not miss out on any important notification. Just like you apply for GST registration on the online GST registration, one can also change the mobile number on the GST portal.

Here’s an easy guide on how to change the mobile number on GST portal:

  1. Login the GST portal with username and password created during GST registration.
  2. Click on Services- Registration- Amendment of registration non-core fields.
  3. Now you will see the tabs for editing getting displayed. Click on the ‘authorized Signatory.’
  4. Here you need to specify the detail, i.e., new mobile number of the signatory. Now, click on the ‘save’ option for saving the updated mobile number.
  5. Click on the ‘verification.’

  • Tick the ‘Verification’ box
  • In the ‘Name of Authorized Signatory’ drop-down, select the authorized signatory.
  • Enter the name of the place in the ‘Place’ field.
  • Choose the relevant option for digitally signing the application using DSC or EVC just like you do while GST registration in Delhi and other states of the country.
  1.  Once you have applied to make changes in the GST registration in Delhi or any other part of India, A successful message will be displayed, and you will receive the notification in 15 minutes on the old mobile number.
  2. Once you receive the acknowledgment of the application submitted, again login to the GST portal.
  3. Now, select the ‘Authorized Signatory’ option again.
  4.  Now, verify the mobile number mentioned in the newly added signatory.
  5.  Click on the verification tab and submit your application using the EVC or DSE signature.

  1.  You will receive an acknowledgment of the new mobile number within 15 minutes of application submission.

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