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Tax on goods and services is well-defined as all taxes imposed on the making, taking out, sale, transfer, leasing or distribution of goods, and the rendering of the services, or on the usage of goods or permission to usage goods or to do activities. It contain essentially of value added and sales taxes. This covers multi-phase collective taxes, overall sales taxes – other charged at production or manufacture, wholesale or retail value-added taxes.  Taxes charged on the import and also on export of things taxes charged in respect of the usage of goods and taxes on authorization to usage of goods, or do certain actions, also taxes on the removal, meting out or production of minerals and more products. 


GST consultants

Basically if you want to do business or to start buying and selling process, people have to register GST. Online GST registration facilities are available now in the India’s market place. People get online registration with Gst Consultant facility and start supplying easily throughout the market place.  

The Goods & Service Tax is single of the prime fiscal improvements in India from the time of Independence. All companies, small as well as large, will be obstructed by this The Goods & Service tax. Existing tax prayers are accountable to register under the GST system

 GST Online registration

In this we look at procedure of online GST registration. Businesses who buy and sell goods, offer services or provide both are required to obtain GST registration. Entities can register them online.

In GST online Registration does not required any paper document. It is simply paper less procedure after finished whole procedure tax prayers get provisional ID and password. In this some information required about the document. Tax payers have to fill it and submit 

In the procedure of GST online registration, GST registration process would complete information in portal. Once process of GST registration completed, digital signature required. After receiving tax payer digital signature, further processing take place and get result after 3 working days. Central authority approved application after thorough verification. Then portal spontaneously make the registration certificate for the GST registration applicant. In online registration of GST does not required any paper document. It is simply paper less procedure after finished whole procedure tax prayers get provisional ID and password. In this some information required about the document. Tax payer have to fill it and submit 

GST consultant here in the market place of India who provides detail information about GST registration and they also guide them vey impressively. GST consultant is offering support at every stage during the GSY registration process.

Benefits of registration GST

GST registration is serious because it will allow you to gain various benefits that are obtainable under the GST regime. Some other benefits are as given below


  • Removing cascading outcome of taxes.
  •  Tax rates will be fairly lower as the tax base will amplify.
  •  Whole flow of Input tax credit.
  •  Charges of the goods and services will drop.
  •  Well-organized supply chain management. 
  •  Encourage shift from unorganized division to organized division

                                                 GST Number


    The Prime Minister permitted “The constituents improvement bill for Goods and Service Tax” (GST) in the Assembly Session ( Rajya Sabha on 3rd August 2016 & Lok Sabha on 8th August 2016) besides the approval by 50% of state governments. Thus the present indirect taxes charged by national wise are all set to be substituted with a planned enactment of GST Number by 1st July 2017. This would be the biggest tax restructuring since freedom and a windfall to the economy as it will destroy the inadequacies of the existing tax structure and offer a single taxon delivering of all goods and services.

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    What is GST Regeistration ?                                                                 

    Gst Registration is proces where you register yourself to govt portal  to get GST No to  be a registered dealer under government regime.



    What is the final tax rate in GST ? 

    Tax under gst are as follows 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% . The minimum rate is 5% and maximum is 28 %.


    What are IGST , CGST and SGST ?         

    CGST (Central Goods and Service Tax) comes under center, all taxes under to CGST will go to center and as same in SGST (State Goods and Service Tax) Tax will go to state and IGST (Integrated Goods and Service Tax) is movement of goods between two states and  the tax will collected by union and later on will devide between states. 


    What are the taxes Gst Replaced?


    1. Service Tax
    2. Countervailing Duty
    3. Special Countervailing Duty
    4. Value Added Tax (VAT)
    5. Central Sales Tax (CST)
    6. Octroi
    7. Entertainment Tax
    8. Entry Tax
    9. Purchase Tax
    10. Luxury Tax
    11. Advertisement taxes
    12. Taxes applicable on lotteries.
    13. Central Exercise Duty 




    What will be cheaper and expensive in GST 

    According to many research these are the some example such as -: 


    a) Vehicles like enter-level cars and two wheelers 

    b) Movie Tickets Prices (entertainment Industry )

    c) Electronic Items like Heater , fans and other things 



    a) Tabacco products  Price will go up                            

    b) Commercial vehicle 

    c) Textile and fabric Industry can face higher tax rate then before 


    What is Reverse Charge Mechnesim ?

    In Reverse charge Mechnesim Unregistered supplier made the tax while selling  good on value of good to buyer and then  buyer is liable to pay tax. 











      How To Apply for Gst Number? 

      We need some documents of yours to assist you to get  GST Number and documents Vary business to business so please contact us 9560187032.



      What are the Goods not affected by GST?

      Petrol, Diesel, Natural Gas, crude oil and jet fuel are not  under GST 



      Benefits Of GST?

      1- Easy Compliances 

      2-Uniformity of tax rates and structure

      3- Removal of Cascading 

      4- improve competitiveness 

      5- Gain to manufacture and exporters 



      What about Tabacco products Under GST?

      Tobacco Product comes under Gst and governments also levy Cess ( Central exercise duty) on Tabacco. 




      Do you provide Free GST Software?

      Yes, we Provide GST Software at free of cost and which can help you to generate invoice, e-way bill and help you to follow other 

      GST compliances. 



      How much Time It takes to get GST Number. ?

      We submit your application within 1 day, you will get ARN and TRN in the same day and them government will take 3-5 working days to provide you GSTIN.



      Is GST Registration is a One Time processor we need to renew it?

      Gst registration is only one time Process, it will be valid for life Time.



      Can we canel Gst Number ?

      yes, you can cancel your gst number any time except you registered yourself as volunterly basis. 

      if you registere youself as volunterr basis then you have to wait 1 Year.










                       What is a meaning of Goods & Services Tax (GST)?


      GST is an unintended tax which is applicable on all deliver of goods & services in all over the India. GST will be charged in place of current sales tax, excise responsibility, custom duties, facility tax, extravagance tax etc. If people who live in India are supplying goods and services in around the India, then it is compulsory to precede the GST registration.

      GST registration is compulsory for all entities intricate in the trade or offering the services in all over the India. India Particles deals an easy procedure for attaining GST Registration.

      The much estimated GST rollout is usual to occur throughout the Financial Year 2017-18, cutting obedience and refining ease of doing commerce for millions of trifling businesses in the India. By eliminating and including numerous taxes into a lone system, tax intricacies would be reduced. Under the new GST rule, all entities tortuous in trade of goods or offering services or both are essential to get GST registration.

      Introduction of GST Number and reforms bought by GST in Indian economy


      For any state, the tax from the commercial sector holds more significance for ages, and the same is valid even in the current era. The state needs revenue for various welfare and defense activities and hence introduces various types of taxes over a period. The Indian tax system was also in the requirement of change due to changes in time and trends. As a part of the system variation, tax reform was recently introduced.

      GST, which stands for Goods and Services Tax, was introduced in India in the year 2017. Since the introduction of GST Number, it has received a mixed response from people across the country. The GST has replaced several other indirect taxes that were levied earlier in the country and reformed the taxation system. The tax was implemented with the aim of boosting our economic system.

      It has become mandatory for the business entities to get the GST registration done and obtain the unique GST number for their company which serves as an identification number. One needs to log in the GST portal for online GST registration and follow the step by step guidelines.

      Here’s a look at the advantages of GST implementation:

      1. The GST Number has replaced indirect taxes simplifying the taxation system for businesses and individuals.
      2. With GST into effect, many individuals and companies have to apply for GST Numbers. As a result, a considerable increase in the revenue of the Government has been seen.
      3. Industry experts believe that over the period, GST shall reduce the logistics and inventory costs.
      4. As per the previous tax norms, there was no input on the capital goods, but with GST tax laws, one can now avail of an input tax credit on capital goods. The investment is expected to surge by approximately 6%.
      5. Earlier there were instances of people being charged incorrectly, but with the introduction of GST, there is no scope for errors. Also, many countries follow the GST tax regime which has made it possible for more and more people to understand the GST bill. With increasing awareness about the benefits of the GST tax system, the online GST registration has increased in India.
      6. It is also said that the introduction of GST will help in fighting corruption significantly as the money spent is required to be reported to the Government for the purpose of taxation. This will also help in reducing cases of tax evasion by retailers.
      7. GST has benefitted people with an overall 2% reduction in the tax which has made it easier for people to buy a luxurious car and expensive mobile phones. This has made people accept GST with open arms and has also increased GST registration in Delhi and other states of the country.

      These days even corporate individuals with taxable income require GST registration. The GST registration in Delhi and other parts of the country can be done on the government online portal. Explore the web for more information on how to apply for GST Number online and get the unique GST number.

                         Mandatory Requirements for GST Registration Online


        GST registration is a Whole online process is in practices in India’s market which is done by applying on the GST website straightly. All associate official papers are uploaded on the GST openly and when it is fine, GST registration is settled. Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an actual new tax policy system presented by the government, from this time, it is very significant to realize the compulsory requisite for GST registration so that individual can simply get the GST registration without any postponement or refusal.  Documents which is required for the Online GST Registration in India

        • Commercial related proof
        • Passport Size Photograph
        • Partnership Action or Registering Evidence like COI
        • A duplicate copy of Bank Statement
        • Approval Form
        • Possession Proof-like Electricity Bill etc   if you have your own property
        • Rental Agreement (if assets are on rent)
        • NOC (Download layout)

        Private Business usually proceeds about 3 to 5 working days for the GST registration in India. This is one of the most significant info is if people are designed to become GST registration. If people fall any of the group (supplier, businessman, SME owner, owned retail business) that people requisite a compulsory GST registration regardless of their turnover. For example, if people fall in any above group then their turnover is 10 only then also they need to proceeds the GST registration.